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Get The Almost Passive Income Challenge 7 Day Challenge
For Just $1!

Over the next 7 days I'm going to take you through the steps in the treasure map below to help you create your own Almost Passive Income Source. 

I'll guide you through each phase in the map below as you go through the challenge. (Don't worry about trying to figure out the map right now. I'll give you the map and every step once you join the challenge.) 

Each day you'll receive an email with a bite-sized lesson in it that leads you through the 3 Phases of Almost Passive Income.

At the end of the challenge you'll know exactly what you need to do to create your own Almost Passive Income source.

Here's just some of what you'll learn...

Phase #1: The Almost Passive 
Income Mindset (Days 1-3)

  • The problem with how society currently earns money...and what to do to fix it..
  • ​A framework for how you can look at money...
  • The money blocks that are holding you back from increasing your earning potential and quality of life...
  • A complete overview of the Challenge, what you’re going to get, and how to get the best results...
  • ​The #1 trick to making money...
  • ​How to identify which phase you’re in... and what part of the Exponential Income Roadmap you need to start with (some people are ready to build their Almost Passive Income Asset... while others aren’t)...
  • ​The ‘Sawdust’ method for doing the work once and getting paid again and again...
  • ​A simple quiz for what you should focus on right now depending on where you are and where you want to go...
  • ​​How to create income that’s not dependent on a booming economy...
  • ​​Why times of crisis and chaos are the best times to create opportunity...
  • ​The 3 types of money and which is the most important to focus on, when (hint: most people only focus on ONE type of money, which is why they’ll work until they die)...

Phase #2: Exponential Income Skill (Days 4-5)

  • The difference between a high-income skill and an Exponential Income Skill (and why you want an Exponential Income Skill...)
  • How to set up deals so you have a fixed input and disproportionate output...
  • ​The #1 Almost Passive Income Skill - and how to get started with it today...
  • The truth behind time management. Why it’s a lie. And what it really takes to have 1-2 hour workdays...
  • ​The 3 types of “experiencing” time - and the most effective way to experience time so you can have the perfect amount of time to get everything done...
  • ​​The ‘Sawdust’ method for doing the work once and getting paid again and again...
  • Why being busy is bad for productivity. (And why you should never utter the phrase “I’m busy” ever again...) 
  • ​​How to get paid to learn your Almost Passive Income Skill...
  • ​​Why you should NEVER get paid for something only once...

Phase #3: Almost Passive Income Asset (Days 6-7)

  • ​The “One Hour Workday” system
  • The difference between ‘rented’ and ‘owned’ assets and which one you want to truly build wealth over the long-term
  • ​The #1 Almost Passive Income Asset that is infinitely scalable and independent of time input
  • ​Why passive income doesn’t exist for most people - and the closest, second best thing that’s far easier to achieve
  • ​How to get paid to have fun
  • ​​One of the world’s simplest, profitable, and most fun 3 step business models
  • ​​3 ways to create your own One Hour Work Day
  • ​​How much money should people actually make a day to achieve optimal happiness? You’ll find out in this module
  • ​​How to generate cash flow without spending a dime
  • ​​How to make a living AND have a life

Who am I and What do I Know 
About Almost Passive Income? 

My name is Ian Stanley...

And I’ve used the steps in the “treasure map” above to create income since I was a wee young lad. 

Over the last decade I’ve gone from college kid trying to make some extra money so I could buy 30 packs of beer...

To graduating and getting stuck in the “time for money” trap. (You'll learn more about this story in the challenge.)

To making my first six figures as an employee.

To leaving my job and starting my own business...

And then taking my first business to $100k a month and selling it to the fastest growing start up in Canada. (In less than a year.)

During that time I also sold over $100,000,000 worth of products online through my own businesses and the businesses I worked with.

Since then I’ve built a couple of seven figure businesses while traveling the world and having quite a lot of fun. 

I’ve done all that while working just a couple hours a day. (Sometimes less. Sometimes a bit more.)

I don't say any of that to brag or sound arrogant. I say it because I want to show what's possible when you follow the right steps...

I got addicted to the idea of "almost passive income" because I just wasn't cut out for a normal office job or existence. I hated trading time for money. 

And now, I pretty much get paid to have fun and help people. (And I get paid even when I'm not working.) 

I know that may sound insane to you (for now). But it’s true. Some of my biggest pay days happen when I take the day off. And every time I make things more fun in my business…revenue increases. 

I want you to experience the joy of Almost Passive Income. It’s possible.

That's what I'll show you in the Almost Passive Income Challenge.

Here's Some Real Success Stories from my Customers and Some People You May Have Heard of...

And YES, I teach some of my BEST secrets inside The Almost Passive Income Challenge for just $1 dollar...

"I reached out to a brand new client using Ian's deal structuring system... and landed a deal for $2,000US per month. The guy has also talked a little bit about giving me a percentage of his company so far."
- Jake Blue

"The only way I was growing myself was with time... and I needed more leverage and I needed a new skillset...and pretty much within the first week I took one of the lessons he taught me and landed a $1,500 deal that more than paid for the course that I got from him. Now I'm able to partner with the exact people that I wanted to. I have a skillset that is growing that is NOT connected to time."
- Tommy Guidroz

"We have joined several of Ian's programs and every one of them has been absolutely incredible... We took our business from selling ONE of our memberships over 35 days and working with him... and we sold $72,000 last month. "
- Matt and Jennifer Vranes
"It's good. 🙂"
- Russel Brunson

"I. Just. Could. Not. Put. It. Down. It was like speaking to the man in person... The man's sold over $100 million in sales with his words too. Yup, $100 Million big ones... Reading and analyzing the book again today and can't wait to test out the new concepts with clients this month."
- Craig Ballantyne

"That email deliverability product you and Andrew made is gold. Worth a hell of a lot more than what you're charging for it."
- Justin Goff

"I guess 10% - 24% ain't so bad. Right?  I saw an immediate jump in opens using the magic inside How to Get Out of the Gmail Promo Tab... Within days I watched my opens climb all the way back up, plus more. Now I'm getting 24-28% opens on the same list."
- Joey Percia

Fuck. I remembered the templates. Grabbed one and just started filling in the holes. Ported it into MailChimp and hit SEND.

48 hours later had over $80k in sales. Holy fuck. The comic is a fucking genius. To make sure it wasn't a fluke, sent another email on another campaign with another of Ian's templates, and the conversion was 3x our already healthy conversion was. 

I'm a believer. Ian knows his shit. Buy his shit. Rock your shit.
Jerry West
I suggest anyone who uses email marketing join the Emails of the Month Club... even if you don't plan on sending or using the templates themselves.

Because the value isn't in the templates, it's in the ideas you get from them. 

I've helped one of my clients sell over $100,000 of coaching in two months using some of the ideas I've gotten from Ian's templates.
Chen Lehner
I watched the last EIS recording and made more changes...

My upsell is now converting at 12% plus I increased the price. 
Before Ian ripped it apart it was 2%

Ad Spend today is $257 and cash collected so far is: $584 


Chris Greenwood

At This Point You Basically Have Three Options...

1. Keep doing what you’re doing.
Stay exactly where you are. If you’re cool with that, I’m cool with that.

2. Try and figure out this Almost Passive Income stuff out alone.
Develop it for 10 years and spend millions of dollars on it like I did.

3. Learn the proven Almost Passive Income System from somebody who has not just done it...but truly mastered it and lives it every day.
If you’re down with #3, click or tap the button below to get started.


How do I know this dollar actually goes to charity and where is my dollar donated?
This is brand new. Once we make our first donation we will post screenshots and proof here. And I'll send you a thank you email with proof once I've sent it. The money will go directly to Charity Water. 100% of their donations go to the cause of giving clean water to people in need. None of it is used on administrative fees or anything like that. 
How many days is the challenge? 
The challenge is 7 days long. You'll receive an email each day with your lesson. It will be a mix of video and written content. 
Do I need to own my own business or have any special skills for this to work for me? 
Nope, I don't care you're the CEO of a publicly traded company or you're a janitor at a middle school...this can work for anyone. 
When does the challenge start?
You will receive an email with some info right after you purchase. The challenge itself will start TOMORROW morning for you. 
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